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PAUL ROMANO: The Beginning of a Great Adventure



Huyton Gallery presents this colourful solo exhibition of work by Liverpool-based artist Paul Romano, as his first exhibition in Knowsley

Paul's studio is in Liverpool's Duke Street Studios and he is very much part of the Liverpool Art Scene. His work has reached private collections globally, from New York to the Far East. At one of his recent exhibitions at Editions Gallery, Liverpool, his work almost sold out on the opening night!

Paul sites his main inspirations as graffiti art and things that "just spill out of my head". His work doesn't have any specific intentions, nor does it try to depict literal scenes, so if when you look and see faces or other objects emerging from the vibrant colours and shapes, then it could be deliberate or just a happy accident.

In Paul's own words, "Every time I come back to them I see something different."

His approach to painting is very organic, so much so, that many of his canvases have been worked over repeatedly and redeveloped.

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