Member Services

FREE Legal Helpline

As a member of Knowsley Chamber you have access to a legal helpline and an insurance policy to protect you from unexpected legal fees and financial penalties.

Before it becomes a problem, ask the question and phone the Chamber Legal Advice Line.

As a Chamber member your business benefits from over £670,000 worth of cover.

Your business also has access to up to £65,000 worth of professional fees each year to cover:

  • Employment Disputes
  • Employment Awards -
  • Prosecution Defence
  • Tax, VAT, PAYE and NIC Investigations
  • License Protection
  • Data Protection Act
  • Property Legal Protection
  • Landlord Disputes


  • Jury Service Allowance - Up to £1000 per claim to compensate for the loss of an employee attending court or tribunal.

And don't forget these helpful employee benefits as well:-

  • Personal injury (£75,000)
  • Business Motoring (£75,000)
  • Consumer Disputes (£1000)

For more information please contact Knowsley Chamber on 0151 477 1356